Our Story

At Copper River Cabinet Company we are comprised of a team of creative people that take great pride and satisfaction in our craft, our profession. We love design, problem solving and finding astounding solutions for our clients. We are a diverse group; with ages starting in the early twenties and spanning into the mid sixties, we believe this mix of minds helps us create and design without boundaries. We are able to share ideas, knowledge and experience with each other to discover amazing results for you, our customers.  All combined our experience adds up to over 105 years, most of our careers started with this company.

We partner with some of the finest companies in the world to provide products with craftsmanship that is unmatched. We search for the finest quality, ecologically and community minded partners to share space in our showrooms. Our entire team shares in this process to make sure we only choose products that adhere to our high quality standards before they are presented to our clients in our showrooms.

At the end of each day our goal is to provide our team with education,  a great environment to function and create in, quality products made and installed with pride, and most of all a company they are proud to be apart of. Ultimately our entire team wants to provide clients with the respect and service they deserve, a project completed to their satisfaction, a project they look at every day and feel they were treated fairly and properly. That is our mission.